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Effective herbal remedies
We all know prescribed sex pills cause major side effects and may lead to other unforeseen illness if consume too frequent and too long. Not all men are recommended to take and there is a list of conditions to fulfil before consuming.

We also found out that men suffering from cardio problems, kidney malfunction, high blood and etc are taking medications to control their conditions often encounter erectile issues and were reluctant to take sex drugs for fear of side effects.

Natural Herbal Blend no over stimulation
If there's anything you need for an enjoyable and fun sex, you need endurance stamina to boost yourself physically and durable penis erection capacity. You will no longer be afraid of losing your erections midway during sex, feel exhausted and worn out easily or fear your penis deflates despite how hard you try to bring it up.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction (due to poor blood flow or has higher level of PDE5), we want you to give PowerPlus a try. This herbal aphrodisiac is clinically studied and tested for its efficiency to prevent impotent and assist penile erection. Many are turning to herbal replacement remedy instead of sex medication.

You will never turn away from invited sex and unexpected arousal.
PowerPlus will give you the energy to endure longer lasting sexual performance. Shifted into higher gear for an out-of-this world sex and achieve erections after ejaculations, is possible with PowerPlus.
  Vitroman PowerPlus
powerplus penis enhancement pill
(60 capsules / bottle)
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You can experience:
Powerful thrusting power
Intense orgasm
Feel youthful and energetic
Sustain longer than before erection
Boost up erectile capacity


Enhance blood circulation results in:
Blood circulatory enhancement
Nourishes the heart
Balance cholesterol level
Maintain blood pressure
Promote healthy blood circulations order
The active circulations and more blood flow also mean more energy to the body and enhance normal blood circulations. The herbs also promote strengthening of hair roots and anti-bodies. Its Stimulating Vasodilation effects similar mechanism with the synthetic blue pill is mild without any increase in the nervous system or over stimulation.

The herbal chemical support and enable vessels muscle to relax and dilate in the blood capillaries system. These relaxations generate smooth and more blood flow to the penis as well as in the body circulatory system.

Therefore, your body will safely restore, recharge and regain energy naturally.

With penis enhancing capability, PowerPlus will be the most reliable partner for you and your penis.

How to use:
At start 10-15 days: take 2 capsules in after breakfast and dinner. Thereafter, cut down your intake to 1 capsule at every morning and night. Do Not exceed 4 capsules a day.

NOTE: Take supplement after meal. Remember to drink a tall glass of water when consuming. The active herbs need to be absorbed into your body system so to receive the maximum penis enhancement results.

Product Quality:
We use self-farmed herbs in Changrai, Thailand, where soil and temperature is most suitable to cultivate butea superba. In order to produce the best quality herbs, organic farming and good agriculture was practiced. The organic farm, use more expensive, high-grade organic herbs wherever possible, however, many herbs are not yet currently available in organic form.

Our herbal supplement category is prepared through high quality extraction techniques procedure. Thus, it does not contain saw dust. The supplement formulas are also manufacture and process under strict surveillance of GMP standard.