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Don’t take your erections or your potency for granted! Is the message men need to hear around their fortieth or fiftieth birthday. Some change was inevitable, but some men were experiencing too much change especially if they had it earlier. Learn to accept the fact that age does changes a lot of things including sex. Learn to be a better lover. If you aren’t getting erections, open your heart and talk to your partner, doctor, or someone who has gone through it. But that’s not the kind of thing men do. If so, why not take preventive measures before it approaches you?

Healthier lifestyles will most likely lead to healthier erections but any man can expect to lose an erection during lovemaking on occasion. If he doesn’t let that bother him, he’ll likely get it back. The worst thing you can do about a subsiding erection is focused on it.

There are always ways to improve the quality of your erections, extend penis longevity and minimize the possibilities of losing an erection during lovemaking by adopting the following suggestions:

  1. Healthy eating habits. Eat a low-fat diet and exercise regularly. Diet and exercise influence a man’s sexual desire and sexual performance.
  2. Stop or quit smoking. Smoking causes much vascular damage In the penis that could result in impotent. Long-term and heavy smokers have a greater probability of becoming impotent than do non-smokers. One recent study found that men who smoked a pack a day for 20 years had a 60 percent greater chance of becoming impotent than nonsmokers.
  3. Have frequent sex. The more you make love, the more you will be able to make love. Erectile tissue becomes less supple with age. Without frequent erections, there is no regular flow of blood into the penis. After several months or a year of not having an erection, a man may have difficulty in achieving one.
  4. Don’t make ejaculation your goal of lovemaking. Once you take the pressure to ejaculate out of lovemaking, you will probably have more frequent erections, sustain them longer, and enjoy the experience much more.
  5. Expand your ‘sex.’ There is more to making love than having intercourse, especially during midlife. A man is also more likely to have erection difficulties if his lovemaking style is intercourse-driven. The pressure to perform will be greater for him than for a man who enjoys satisfying his partner in a variety of ways. Don’t make love unless you want to.
  6. Share information with your partner. Explain your changing sexual response pattern to your partner. If intercourse has always ended in ejaculation until recently, she may think she has failed to excite you sufficiently. Let her know that your sexual patterns now more closely resemble hers. She has been able to enjoy intercourse without needing to reach an orgasm every time.
  7. Masturbation two or three times a week helps in achieving erections for older males. This method is in the combination of two techniques. By having a sustained erection, you can take your mind off your penis because you will know that you are capable of sustained erection even if you ejaculate. This will allow you to enjoy sex without worry.
  8. Don’t take medications if you don’t need them. Prescription drugs may produce negative effects on erections. If you keep your weight down and exercise regularly, you’re less likely to develop high blood pressure, mild depression, or other conditions requiring continuing use of medications. When a doctor prescribes a drug, ask about its sexual side effects, if an alternative drug might not have the same side effects, and whether or not a lifestyle change would enable you to go off medication as soon as possible.