butea superba clinical report


The twining and vascular herbal plant exist only in Thailand is found in the mountainous area. The long tuber enlarged, accumulated at least 15 phytochemical in the group of direct chain organic acid, sterol, sterol glycoside, flavonoid and flavonoid glycoside. The butea superba exhibits similar reactions to the male pill, Viagra, promote energy and show vasodilation effect without any muscular or cardic over stimulation.

Traditional medicine with butea superba as a major ingredient that has long been accepted (in Thailand) as an effective treatment of erectile dysfunction. It was taken by middle-aged and older men as a tonic and virility for sexual enhancement. The roots and stem of the Butea plant are used to help increase male sexual performance, primarily by increasing the relaxation capacity of the corpus cavernous smooth muscles. Furthermore, this herb can elevate body energy, promote hair root strength and hair growth, prevent anti-wrinkle skin, and boost self-confidence.

In order to study the biology effect of butea superba on erectile dysfunction (ED), a 2-month trial was carried out in male volunteers aged between 20 to 55 years old. The volunteers with a history of impotence for at least 6 months were recruited, singles, or married. They were eliminated from other ED treatment or medication, alcohol, tobacco, and have a fixed sexual partner.

The herb was prepared into a powder capsule (per capsule 200mg) for consumption. One group received 400mg of butea superba daily while another group took 800mg. These volunteers have penis responses in 4 to 7 days and gradual improvement in erection and its time, strength.

Study results

71%89%induce early erections every morning
69%87%immediate erection when sexually contact occurred
60%85%prolong erection time and elevate penis strength during intercourse
30%59%able to sustain erection at least 2 minute after ejaculation
69%87%significant increase in erectile frequency
24%40%increase sexual intercourse frequency


majority gain intercourse satisfaction and sexual confidence

Over 82% of the men have improved and recovering from erectile malfunction. Blood chemistry analyses before and after showed no significant change. It meant that all relevant functions were not disturbed by the consumption of butea superba. It seemed clear that these responses are focused mainly on the penis itself.