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Prescription Drugs Affects Your Sex Life:

  1. Tranquilizers.
  2. Decongestants.
  3. Drugs to lower cholesterol.
  4. Digoxin for heart failure.
  5. Diuretics and Beta blockers used for men with heart disease and hypertension.
  6. Methyldopa for blood pressure.
  7. Calcium channel blockers–new treatments for hypertension.
  8. Estrogens / female hormone used in men with prostate cancer.
  9. Anti-androgens used in with prostate cancer.
  10. Seizure medications.
  11. Prostate cancer drug.
  12. The drugs used to treat ulcers and heartburn.
  13. Drugs to stop the growth of prostate cells which have significant side effects, including reduced sexual desire and performance.

Leisure drugs/fashion drugs:

Marijuana, cocaine, tobacco, alcohol,

If you’re concerned about fertility, you should consider that the drugs you’re taking; prescription, over-the-counter, and otherwise may be interfering with your ability to have children. Many drugs reduce sperm quality and quantity, inability to have an erection. If you’re on a long-term prescription, ask your family doctor about the effects of your medication on fertility.