Problem Areas

Some women get pregnant very easily. Others believe it is a miracle when they finally conceive. Fertility problems are now regarded as “couple problems,” yet the breakdown between the genders is interesting.

Infertility can result from:

  • Male problems: 25 percent of couples
  • Female problems: 35 percent of couples
  • Female and male: 24 percent of couples
  • No known cause:16 percent of couples

Factors to be investigated include:

  • Man: Is the quality of sperm poor or good? (testicles)
  • Woman: Is a viable egg produced at midcycle? (ovaries)
  • Man: Are the sperm tubes unblocked? (epididymis & vas)
  • Woman: Are the egg tubes unblocked? (oviducts)
  • Woman: Is the uterus lining well-prepared? (endometrium)
  • Both: Are the sex hormones produced in proper balance?

However, many fertility problems are not really problems and can be resolved by the couples themselves. The first factors to consider do not involve medical intervention.