How Does Taking Testosterone Can Help You

How Does Taking Testosterone Can Help You

Your sex life might not be the only thing lifted

Low testosterone can cause a bunch of unpleasant effects. Everything from your mood to your sex life can plummet if your levels of that important hormone aren’t up to snuff.

That’s where testosterone replacement therapy comes in. If you are clinically low in testosterone – usually levels that test below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) – supplementing with T can boost your mood, your sex drive, and even your muscle growth.

And now, there might be one more benefit to add to the list: heart protection. At least, that’s what researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine are suggesting after they studied 656 men with low testosterone for about 7 years.

Testosterone is a male hormone which can be found in both men and women. But it is more of the male characteristics. Usually at age 30, blood levels of testosterone starts to decline slowly. If testosterone declines in a man’s body, his muscles, energy, and libido begin to decrease. Men who smoke and drink alcohol excessively lose testosterone faster than those who don’t.

Male hormones or testosterone stimulates metabolism, promote fat burning, increase red blood cells and muscle growth.

Tongkat Ali is known to boost performance, stamina, and muscle mass in bodybuilding. In a clinical study conducted with a group of men, half the male was given Tongkat Ali to consume while the other half were not. During a few weeks of the physical training program, the men who consume the herbs experienced greater muscle mass gain, stamina, and strength. There were also a growing number of Asian athletes and bodybuilders whom are using Tongkat Ali as an androgen booster to improve muscle size and enhance their sports performance.

Hence, Tongkat Ali is beneficial to men age over 50 especially in supporting a healthy testosterone level.

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Vitroman Tongkat Ali 100 active compounds were extracted through latest technology. It was developed for men who need a raise in their vigour and performance. Its benefits particularly for men. Improve man’s health, strength and stamina.

Fondly known as Ali’s walking stick or Malay Ginseng, is used in old medicinal recipes for oral ulcers, intestinal worms, and malaria. Traditionally used as an herbal remedy for pain relief like headache, stomach ache, wounds, skin infections and maintain blood level. The herb also contains other phytochemicals that are anti-viral. Besides, this natural herb is man’s ideal health products for many generations.