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Impotence is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. Yet there are men who never experience intromission regardless of available coital opportunity; they have been identified as primarily impotent.

There are men, having succeeded in coital opportunity on single or multiple occasions, who develop erective inadequacy and ultimately cannot achieve or maintain an erection quality sufficient for intromission regardless of opportunity. They have been termed secondarily impotent.

But are there naturally impotent men, men born without the slightest facility for effective sexual function?

The answer must be a hesitant yes, but they are encountered so rarely as to be of no statistical significance.

There is a rare male never able to have intercourse for anatomical or physiological reasons.

For example:
Men born with endocrine dysfunction, such as Klinefelter’s syndrome, may never be able to achieve sufficient steroid balance to develop an effective erection. These genetic misfortunes do occur, but with adequate knowledge and control some of their untoward clinical sequelae, such as impotence, may be reversed.