Sometime you just have to Unplug (Enhance sexual pleasure)

The advantages of Kegel exercises are; it can increase blood flow to the genital area, giving better support to our sexual arousal mechanisms. This exercise tone and strengthen the muscles around the pelvic area that helps to gain greater control over premature ejaculation and timing of ejaculation. This exercise if combine with penis nourishment or supplement is an effective impotence treatment. In addition, kegel exercises could prevent incontinence due to aging or childbirth (for women).

This is the reason why kegel exercises is recommended not only for women but for men as well. This exercise is named after Dr. KEGEL. Kegel exercises were practised since 1948. Till to date, gynaecologist, urologist and general practitioners are encouraging men and women to practice kegel exercises. Thousands of people have benefit from this exercise; in controlling urination, ejaculation, strengthening sexual and erectile function, and enhance sexual pleasure. Thus, making a more joyful climax for your partner.

kegel exercise
kegel exercise

Locate your "KEGEL POINT"

Before starting the exercise, you need to find out where is the muscles are. First, sit on the toilet and stream your urine. In the middle of streaming, pause and start the streaming several times. You will notice your muscles squeezing or contracting. This experience is your kegel point. It is also the same experience as when ejaculation occurs, these contractions give you the opportunity to locate the muscle.

How to KEGEL

  • Type 1, is the “beginner squeeze” method (you may practise when urinating). Give your muscles a tight squeeze, hold for a count of 10 and slowly release your contraction. If no discomfort, repeat this several time.

  • Type 2, is the “fast shot” practise. The exercise is same as Type 1 except that you practise with a faster momentum. You may do this with some music or follow the rhythm of your heartbeat.

  • Type 3, is the “squeeze and hold” technique. When begin, you have to squeeze your muscles and hold for about 30 seconds. Before relaxing your squeeze, this time contract your muscles tighter for another 15 seconds then relax slowly. The technique may be exercise while your bladder is empty.

  • Type 4, Simply apply some formula gel onto the genital area followed by a gentle massage for a minute. When massaging, contract, hold and release your muscles slowly. Repeat a few time.

You may do kegel exercises twice a day, 5 minutes each time. You will notice improvement (around 6 to 12 weeks) on your penis strength and hardness. Your erection will be more solid! You may continue to exercise for as long as 6 month or more. Hence, we encourage any men who want to improve on penis erection, penis strength, and sexual performance to practice more often.

Once you have mastered it, this simple exercise can be practise at almost everywhere (except type 4) even when you are driving! Furthermore, this exercise will give you magnificent help in your love making process. *KEGEL exercises is also applicable to women (enable vagina tightening and getting better orgasm)*