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If erotic stimulation of the clitoris lasts from 1 to 10 minutes, 40 percent of women will have an orgasm. If stimulation lasts for 20 minutes, 90 percent will. If the clitoris is only stimulated at penetration, and for less than 1 minute, few women climax. With thrusting time of 1 to 11 minutes, 50 percent will. Almost all women will have an orgasm after 16 minutes of non-stop erotic stimulation.

Men are biologically primed to reach orgasm and ejaculate in less than two minutes. Young boys can come in five to ten seconds. This has been called a problem of timing, but is it? A man who wishes to satisfy his beloved must work against his speedy drive. He must prepare for the long, slow feast of love rather than the short, sharp burst which is natural to him. This involves learning control of his ejaculate before the critical threshold of orgasm; not always an easy feat.

All men come too soon (premature ejaculation) or too late (retarded ejaculation) at some time. If only on the odd occasion, keep in mind that it is too soon or late for the woman, not for the man. Men who hold back at pre-orgasm are not being purely altruistic. Apart from the satisfaction and pride in gratifying their partner, they too want to prolong their own sensations of pleasure.

There still exist a few men who are not interested in giving pleasure, only in getting it. Others recognize that they have a problem, but refuse to try to resolve it. In either case, the man is likely to be very uncertain of his manhood. He feels too threatened to accept that he can learn ejaculatory control. If he knows about the boost to his manhood which comes with gaining this control, he may be more open to seeking help.