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It was mentioned earlier that a mature male will experience better ejaculation control as compared to his younger peers. As a man-aged, his orgasm is much more intense, deep and rich. His midlife orgasm is triggered by intense physical and psychological stimulation that may last for about 20 seconds. Do not think that a few seconds is too little. The effect can be electrifying.

Orgasm Promote Health

Just when you thought it’s only “Hugh and Oomph”, orgasm for the matured and elder age group actually does well for health. You will be surprise that orgasm promote conditioning on the cardiovascular, glowing skin, tone up the body generally. In addition, orgasm will trigger the release of chemical in the brain that could relieve headache and some minor pain or ache. An intense orgasm is a whole body event even your fingers and toes could feel it; do you realize you clutches your fist and locked your toes, and some parts of your body were some what intensified when you “cum”?

How men can Achieve Multiple Orgasm

Did you also know that orgasm at midlife can be extended and multiple? During midlife, the refractory period maybe 24 hours while the older men takes a few days. You will be thinking; if this is so, how are there multiple orgasm possible?

The refractory period is the time following ejaculation before a man can have another erection, does increase with age. In young and virile men, the refractory period is about 24 hours but for older male, it can last days in a man who is in his seventies or older. By midlife, the refractory period may be as long as 24 hours. How are multiple orgasms possible under these circumstances?

According to clinical researches, male orgasm and ejaculation is the same thing. Multiple orgasms are rare in men. But in Eastern belief, male orgasm, like female, is a psycho-sexual event that typically includes ejaculation, but not always. In other words, orgasm, the pleasurable sensations of the rhythmic contractions and ejaculation, and the release of semen are separate events. To this view of male sexuality, men can say that experience multiple orgasms and are far more likely to do so at midlife when they have greater control of the ejaculatory process and are able to differentiate between orgasm and ejaculation.

A doctor from the Institute for Advanced Study of Sexuality in San Francisco often credited the concept of male multiple orgasms through his workshops and the national media attention they garnered. They discovered a man has his own multiple orgasm capability at midlife and quite by accident. They have accidentally discovered the difference between ejaculation and orgasm. When one of their doctors had a vasectomy, he has to ejaculate himself for a sperm count test. Discovered, after 15 minutes of “the most unsensational masturbation” of his life, he produced the required sample. As he was walking back to his station, he thought to himself, that was a non-orgasmic ejaculation. This led him to study the Eastern erotic arts. The following techniques were tried and adapted from those exotic sources.

Master the Art of Male Orgasm without ejaculation Separates men from boys:

  1. Finger Draw.
    Practiced in China for as long as five thousand years, is a simple technique. According to eastern practitioners, it is an effective method for inducing multiple orgasms. Similar to the perineum massage, the finger draw uses three curved fingers to apply pressure to one spot on the perineum, rather than the whole area, at the point of ejaculatory inevitability. Locate the pressure point at mid perineum, area between the anus and the scrotum. Use three slightly curved fingers to apply pressure, not too light and not too hard, to the perineum point as soon as you feel ejaculation is imminent. Repeat as often as necessary until you can experience a non ejaculatory orgasm.
    Some practitioners recommend practicing during masturbation because it’s not easy to find the right spot. When you find the spot, don’t expect a miracle to happen instantly. This takes time and patience. Was it worth the trouble, you may asked? It is worth once you had it. Sometime multiple orgasms and sometime single orgasm both without ejaculation. Either way, it makes you ready for lovemaking again sooner after you have ejaculate. You partner will love it.
  2. The Pull Back.
    Some men train themselves to experience orgasm without ejaculation fairly easily using the art of brinkmanship by pulling back at the last possible second before ejaculation. Practice this while masturbating. Continue stimulation to the point of imminent orgasm. Then stop. Don’t resume stimulation until your arousal level has declined. Repeat as often as possible. With regular practice, you should be able experience the contractions of orgasmic release without ejaculating.
    It was something similar to avoid ejaculating inside a girl so as not to make her pregnant. During youth, man had little control in ejaculation. The message doesn’t make it to the brain in time for the body to react. As a man mature, there is exquisite control. One can learn to use this technique to prolong, increase, and multiply my orgasms. I really believe any man can do it. The only thing stopping most men is ignorance.
  3. Big Draw Technique.
    First of all, you got to have strong pelvic muscles. To achieve that one can practice kegel exercises regularly. When you feel ejaculation is imminent, stop thrusting the penis. Pull back to approximately one inch of penetration but do not withdraw the penis entirely. Flex the pelvic muscle and hold to a count of nine. Alternately, flex the pelvic muscle nine times in rapid succession instead of holding the count. Resume thrusting shallowly and repeat as often as necessary until you experience a non ejaculatory orgasm.
    It will take several months to develop strong pelvic muscles and make the big draw work for you. But it is worth investing your time.
  4. The Valley Orgasm.
    According to the eastern practitioners, male orgasm with ejaculation is one fleeting moment of intense and even excruciating pleasure. On the other hand, the valley orgasm without ejaculation is a continual rolling expansion of the orgasm, a greatly heightened ecstasy. Men who experience the valley orgasm feel like a rolling series of orgasms without ejaculation. Here’s how to experience one:
    First, make love using the nine shallow, one deep method. Stop thrusting when you feel near orgasm. Use the big draw or the three-finger draw or your pelvic muscles to delay ejaculation. Hold and embrace your partner closely and comfortably. Continue shallow thrusting.Each time you feel ejaculation is imminent, use the big draw. You will experience the sensations of orgasm, though more diffuse, without ejaculation.

How to have an Orgasm Without Genital Contact.

An orgasm achieved with no genital contact is an extra genital orgasm. Fewer than 10 percent of women or men can reach orgasm simply from kissing passionately or by having their breasts or nipples kissed or sucked, their thighs caressed or licked, or their ears or neck nuzzled. How can it be done? Women and men who experience extra genital orgasms are able to excite themselves through erotic thoughts and fantasies to the point where any form of physical stimulation sends them over the edge into orgasm. In men, the phenomenon most frequently occurs in the “wet dream,” a nocturnal orgasm and ejaculation following an erotic dream.

Caress or have your partner caress your penis and testis until you are on the verge of another orgasm. Switch the stimulation to a non genital area such as abdomen, groin or inner thighs. Alternate from genital to non genital, stimuli until you are so close to orgasm that a simple touch like running a finger down the inner thigh could induce it.

How to have a Spontaneous Orgasm.

The ultimate no-hands solitary sex experience, a spontaneous orgasm occurs with no physical stimulation at all. How do to do it?

First, relax. Take a warm bath, have a glass of wine, put on some light music, light aromatic candles, create a lush, passionate, and emotional sexual fantasy. Breathe and lay on your back, knees bent, feet spaced well apart, take deep breaths. Pull your breath down into your body so deeply you can feel your diaphragm expanding and can imagine air going all the way down to your genitals. Slowly you breathe out. Pull that air all the way out, again imagining you are drawing it up through your genitals into your body.

After a dozen or so deep breaths, pant. Breathe rapidly from your belly with your mouth open. Now use the fire breathing technique. Begin with relaxing shallow breaths. Then breathe deeply and inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Make the breathing continuous or circular. Imagine a circle of fire beginning first as a small circle, nose through mouth, then expanding to include chest, belly, and finally the genitals. Feel the erotic heat moving in a circle throughout your body as you breathe.

Flex the pelvic muscles alone or in combination with breathing. Coordinate your flexing with deep breathing. Switch to panting, and then back to deep breathing, finally to fire breathing all the while flexing the muscles. If you don’t have an orgasm this way, don’t despair. Most won’t. But use the technique during masturbation or intercourse and feel how much stronger your orgasm is.

How to have a Whole Body Orgasm.

The whole body orgasm occurs when you are feeling particularly sensual, sexual, or both. For most, the experience is a complex blend of emotional, sensual, and sexual elements. It is possible in midlife than earlier. If you want to experience one, try this:

  1. Practice the techniques for extending orgasm until you are able to do so.
  2. Practice the techniques for spontaneous orgasm until you are aroused almost to the point of orgasm through fantasy and breathing alone.
  3. Practice the techniques for multiple orgasms until you are able either to have them or, to continue a state of arousal past orgasm. Combine the skills you’ve mastered in a lovemaking session with your partner when you are feeling very emotionally connected. If you do not experience a whole body orgasm, you will almost undoubtedly have a wonderful time together.

The point of this mastery is to encourage you to expand your orgasmic potential, not set¬†orgasm goals or measure your performance against any other men. The exercises are worth doing, whether they result in extended, whole-body, extra genital or multiple orgasms, or not. They will improve the quality and perhaps the quantity of the orgasms you’re having now. In turn, it will give you physical, psychological, and emotional benefits as well as help strengthen the intimacy bond with your partner. Some couples believe that the ultimate expression of sexual intimacy is the simultaneous orgasm.