orgasm, pain at orgasm, myth, sexual, dysfunction

Put a check against any of the following which may have been a part of childhood learning:

  • Sex is dirty and nasty.
  • The act of love should end in orgasm.
  • The man is the one to initiate making love.
  • Women should not show that they desire sex.
  • Orgasms are important for procreation only.
  • Orgasms come naturally when you are in love.
  • Orgasms will happen with the “right” partner.
  • Orgasms are less important for women than men.
  • Both people should have orgasms at the same time.
  • Women over a certain age lose interest in orgasms.

A myth is a fable, a concept. A myth is defined in most dictionaries as “an idea which forms part of the belief system of a group, but which is not founded on fact.” In historical terms, the reality has been that female sexuality was defined by men. Now the myth has been broken, largely thanks to the women’s movement. Female sexuality can be regarded in the same light as male sexuality.

Or can it? How can a woman maintain economic parity and produce babies at the same time? Many women are struggling with this difficult problem today. If they have a loving, mature partner, he can help. However, the disparity between what women need and what they must settle for seems to be growing greater, not less.