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Pain at orgasm can occur if the contractions of the uterus become very powerful. In a few cases, they can be as wracking as the cramps of a period. Why put up with unnecessary pain? Visit the physician promptly. The condition may be due to a hormone imbalance which can be sorted out. More often though, these powerful contractions are not experienced as pain, but as a short time of discomfort. Rest after orgasm. The pains will subside as the uterus slowly subsides and returns to its normal size.

Dyspareunia is lovemaking that is painful or difficult. The pain is experienced at some point in the vagina. In rare cases, there can be problems of clitoral adhesions or birth defects. There may be an allergy to some substance in the semen or sperm. More often, pain on thrusting is due to an undiagnosed yeast infection which produces no other symptoms. This pain is sorer and does not begin until thrusting has continued for some time.

However, in the majority of cases, the problem is a lack of sufficient lubrication. This can be avoided by the use of external lubricants. Avoid oils and creams which contain alcohol; they irritate.