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Some women have multiple orgasms. When they reach the orgasmic platform, they come again.., and again.., and again. It is not that the first orgasm was incomplete in any way. They are able to stay at a longer, later sexual peak, and allow orgasms to roll over them. After a man ejaculates, he must wait until his store of semen is replenished. In youth, this takes a few seconds. In later life, a day or more. Some men can have so-called “multiple orgasms” by external pressure on the perineum just before the orgasmic threshold is reached; or by mind control alone.

Detumescence is the flow of extra blood out of the area. The contractions of orgasm put pressure on all the blood vessels in the swollen organs and tissues. This pressure squeezes the extra blood out of them, and decongestion is complete. The clitoris returns to its normal size within 10 to 20 seconds after orgasm. The vagina takes some 15 minutes to return to its previous state. The uterus takes longer, between 10 and 30 minutes to become decongested and return to its previous size and position.

If there is no orgasm, there are no muscle contractions to put pressure on the blood vessels. The extra blood then pools in the organs and tissues, which remain swollen for some while. Eventually, it drains away, though this takes much longer than if orgasm has occurred. With intense sexual excitement followed by a consistent lack of orgasm over a long period of time, a feeling of pelvic congestion builds up. The sensations of this condition include vague discomfort in the pelvic area, backaches, and sometimes headaches.

Pelvic congestion is not the same as a vulva which stays swollen for a day or more after making love. In this case, the swollen sensation is due to the pounding of flesh upon flesh. From a health perspective alone, orgasm is of physical benefit to avoid pelvic congestion. It also benefits the emotional health not only of the woman, but also of her partner, and the relationship itself. Strong feelings of erotic gratification bring a closer, more profound, love.

Orgasm and Health

Orgasm is a powerful muscle relaxant. Its effects can be ten times as strong as the effects of Valium and other tranquilizers. After illness, orgasm assists on the road back to health. Some doctors believe it is the best prescription for easing mild back pain, and so affording a relaxed and pain-free night of sleep.

Orgasm can be excellent aerobic activity. Blood pressure, heart, and breathing rate all have a thorough workout, without the bother of putting on a tracksuit. The benefits to psychological health can be invaluable: profound emotional release, closer partner attachment, and an increase in mutual love, support, and self-esteem.

Perspiration: One woman in three sweats on the forehead, the top lip, and underarm. A thin film may cover the back and thighs.