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Restore Sex

4 steps to Restore Man Sexual Function:

Step 1.

If you lose your erection during intercourse, just let it go. Then tried something different like performing cunnilingus on your partner. You may get hard again or even if you don’t, you have satisfied your partner, which makes a man feel good too.

Step 2.

Concentrate on pleasing your partner. Perform cunnilingus when erection falters, is a good one. When a man forgets his own perceived “problem” and concentrates on giving his partner pleasure, he relieves his performance anxiety. He creates a win-win situation. Maybe he will get his erection back, but even if he doesn’t, he will feel good about himself as a lover.

Step 3.

Use a partial erection to good advantage. When you feel the erection subsiding during intercourse, pull out your penis, take penis in hand, and get creative. Grasp penis firmly but not choking, start to stimulate your partner’s clitoris with the head, brushing it back and forth, often bring her to orgasm this way. Use the head of your penis to stroke her inner thighs or her nipples. You could get really hard at the same time. This way both you and your partner can enjoy penis play

Some men can also have intercourse with a partial erection by holding the base of the penis firmly as they thrust. You don’t need a full erection to make love with your penis. Experiment with ways of stimulating your partner with the erection you have.

Step 4.

Don’t blame your partner. In hurt pride following an erectile failure, a man might lash out at his partner, accusing her of failing to arouse him sufficiently. Don’t do that as not only will you hurt her and invite a defensive assault, you’ll only feel worse about yourself later. Once a couple have started a cycle of blaming, they’ll find it hard to break free and move to a place of acceptance and understanding. Let down the barriers and share your fears and concerns with her, without blaming her or yourself.

Some men find it more difficult to talk about their erection problems than their emotions. For them, a savvy and understanding woman can make the difference between an impotent future and a transition into another, less erection based kind of lovemaking.

Woman can Help Man Gain His Erection

While men are concern, you will be surprise our partner, women, are more obsess than men do. Here’s how women can help and participate together in gaining erection for her man.

Let It Go.

As just mentioned, if your man loses an erection during lovemaking, let it go. Unless he requests or indicates by his behavior that he wants you to perform fellatio or manually stimulate his penis to try to bring the erection back–don’t. Focusing on his limp penis probably won’t help and may hurt by intensifying his performance anxiety.

Love him.

Hold him. Kiss and stroke him, but ignore his penis. You don’t have to prove your desirability by bringing his penis back to erotic life.

Ask for oral sex or manual stimulation yourself.

That will take the focus off his penis and give him the opportunity to feel like a good lover. Be responsive to his ministrations. A woman’s arousal is very arousing to a man. It’s possible that he’ll regain his erection by losing himself in your excitement.

Don’t be solicitous.

Show your understanding by not fussing over him. If he’s feeling inadequate, don’t tell him his lack of erection isn’t important. A man who has been sexually humiliated doesn’t want his wife saying, “Don’t worry, darling, it doesn’t matter.”

Don’t blame yourself.

And don’t let him blame you. His erection problem may be physical or psychological. Even if it’s rooted in relationship conflict, you are not the “cause” of the problem. Sex is a cooperative effort. So is relating. After an erectile failure, however, is not the right time to analyze the relationship.

Regain sexual desire lost to illness, disability, aging.

Some men and couples will stop making love in response to these situations. As illness can cause the sufferer to withdraw oneself away, if you are the healthy one, do not take your partner’s withdrawal as personal rejection. Reach out and coax him back to you.

Give your partner and yourself a sensual treat everyday.

Take time to walk in the park and smell the flowers with him. Cook his favorite meal or filled your bedroom with soft music, silk pillow, crisp cotton bed sheets.