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When erections recur spontaneously, the wife is encouraged to place herself in the superior coital position, with her knees at or below his nipple line, before her sex play is directed toward penile manipulation.

When the wife is comfortable in this position, penile play should be initiated.

This position also allows the husband full access to the breasts. When or if a full erection is obtained, the wife may mount, but, intromission should be attempted in a non demanding manner.

No hurry to mount, no rush to obtain sexual tension release should be permitted. When she is attempting penile insertion, the penis should be angled at approximately 45 degrees from the perpendicular and directed cephalad (toward the head).

When mounting, the wife is encouraged to move back on the shaft of the penis rather than to sit down on it.

Sexual Tension

There should never be any question as to the mechanics of penile insertion.

Penis Insertion

The woman always should control the insertive process. Many men have been distracted from a partial or even a full erection by bumbling, fumbling, vain attempts to describe the vaginal orifice in the process of penile insertion.

The male usually is not sure anatomically where the penis goes and, during frantic moments of searching and finding, his opportunity for distraction is patently obvious.

Every woman knows exactly where the penis goes. Additionally, she is indeed sexually stimulated by the opportunity to assist actively in the act of intromission.

Just quietly relieving the impotent male of the responsibility for penile insertion removes yet another distractive roadblock from his vitally necessary level of sensate input.

Anything that can or does distract him will dull, dilute, or destroy his levels of sexual tension.

With the wife already posed in the proper position during the preliminary sex play, she can accomplish intravaginal containment with facility and grace. Even during the insertive process, she should continue active manual manipulation of the penile shaft.

Hard Penis

Positioning herself correctly ahead of time again avoids a distraction. Many males attain an erection with sex play but lose security of penile rigidity when attempting intromission. The actual mounting process is distracting to the impotent male.

Both his wife’s stimulation of the penis and his stimulation of her pelvic organs usually cease. He then moves to assume a male-superior position, hunts for the vaginal outlet, and finally attempts intromission.

Since all this takes time, and mutual sexual stimulation stops, the husband loses his sense of continuity. Consequently, any man following this reactive pattern may lose the fullness if not the total of his erection in the process.

The concerned male has only to notice the slightest loss of erective fullness and he panics, distracting himself completely in a spectator role and, of course, immediately loses the rest of his erective security.

Obviously, the concept underlying the use of this mounting technique is to remove inherent male distractions and to let the sensual pleasure developed from mutual sexual stimulation take control so that the tense male will not react in his usual pattern of performance fears or spectator role.

This experience is repeated several times until erective security develops.

This coital teasing technique is comparable to that of attaining, losing, and then returning to full penile erection with manual manipulation. Any male must have a series of obviously successful intromissions if he ever is to lose permanently his concerns for performance.