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Treatment and Side Effects

If you want Strong Erection through penis injection therapy, penis vacuum device, penis implant or Viagra.

Read about the Negative Effect before you hit it.

Having a sustained erection that remains can be compared to walking around barefoot. At first, when walking barefoot you feels everything under your feet–rough stones, prickly branches, crispy dried leaves. After a while, your feet become desensitized and you don’t notice the discomfort. The same is true with a sustained erection. The penis becomes desensitized and will not over react to stimuli as it has in the past.

Vacuum device

The device consists of a clear plastic tube that fits over the penis and is attached to a pump. The pump creates a vacuum, drawing blood to the penis. A rubber ring is placed around the base of the penis maintains the erection for half an hour. The drawback? The pain that occurs when ejaculating with a tight rubber band around the base of your penis will stop your premature ejaculation. It will probably stop you from wanting to ejaculate at all. However, this is not a recommended approach to the problem.

Injection therapy

This treatment used in most clinics achieved a good rate of success. The part involves producing a sustained erection that remains strong and erect for 30 minutes or more. This erection should be strong enough to be sustained even after ejaculation. This will be achieved by the use of intrepenile injection therapy.

However, it carried certain risk that when injected the medicine such as papaverine or prostaglandin E, the inflow of blood is maintained and low pressure outflow of blood is obstructed in the penis. This result in erection lasting for 6 hours or more. The other risk is displacement of tissue within the penis and formation of scar tissue. Patients were also warned of side effects like pain when injecting and bruising of the penis. One should try to avoid hitting the blood vessels though bruising will go away in a few days. Hypotension, if the user requires large dose of medication into the penis that may cause light headedness (due to a drop in blood pressure).

If the patient uses this therapy for a long period, a formation of small nodules may develop at the injection site. (Most patients find that the penis feels comfort injecting at the same spot). By piercing the penis via the undersurface urethra, spots of blood may appear at the gland. Correct injecting measures have to be done carefully. Patient should practice personal hygiene before administrating the medicine. Proper washing and cleaning, using new syringe and needles each time can prevent unnecessary infection.

Penis implant

This is the oldest treatment in modern medicine so far. An implanted device is surgically inserted into the penile to enable an erection. The device with inflatable cylinders (like an elongated balloon) runs along the penis has a tube connected to a reservoir containing fluid in the abdomen. All one had to do is manually squeeze the pump in the scrotum to allow the fluid to flow to the cylinders, hence erecting the penis magnificently. Another device is inserting semi-rigid rods into the penis but the erection is permanent! Unless, there is no other alternative to help you, penis implant might be your last straw. Here are some criteria specify for penis implant:

  1. that you should be below the age of 40 years old
  2. should have erectile dysfunction condition due to poor arterial inflow of blood (usually caused by accident).
  3. have no vascular problems.


The popular prescribe oral medications that bring on an erection in less than an hour. There has been dispute if it should be called as a treatment. The blue pill definitely made a man’s job easy but after the medication or drug subsides, he cannot erect by himself. For many it works but some it did not, and there are 30 per cent of the pills takers find it not helpful for them even after 8 tries on the pill.

Many older male thought the pill can increase their libido and hard rock erections, unfortunately it does not. It simply restores the erection if he desires to. Viagra has also been tried to combat premature ejaculation and in so far it has not proven successful for this condition. In many countries where the drug is easily available, is abused by young party male. These young pill takers usually do not have erectile problem. They took it because their body and penis are ‘puncture’ by the excessive alcohol intake and they can’t get an erection after that. Unknowingly to them, they might become dependent on Viagra and that’s sad.

Before popping the blue pill down, one should know some side effect it will bring, otherwise check with your doctor. Common side effects are: headaches, red flushes around the face, neck and chest, diarrhea, nausea, blur vision and increasing pulse beat due to the powerful blood pump in the arteries. There were some cases leading to death. Here are some checks you could do prior to taking the pill:

NOT recommended:

  1. If you have congestive heart failure or recent heart attack
  2. If you are on antibiotic drugs
  3. Suffer liver disease
  4. Have low blood pressure
  5. A recent history of stroke
  6. Retinal disorders of the eye (retinitis pigmentosa)
  7. Have high blood pressure that require three or more medication to control

When man gets older, having sex twice in one session becomes more difficult. Most men would assume that this is a matter of fatigue, you feel spent, or you’ve had enough. The reality is that getting an erection for a second time demands a lot of energy, not just physical energy but mental energy as well. This becomes an almost impossible task at the end of a long haul day. How do we achieve this feat?