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Penis Erection

Butea Superba popular for the purpose of rejuvenation and increasing sexual vigour or enhancing their sexual abilities is believed to act on the brain by actually triggering the improvement of the sexual response.

The herbal extract obtained from butea superba with no reports of adverse reaction, helps most men with erectile dysfunction and is ideal for men who wish to remain sexually active. The clinical study confirmed that chemical compositions in butea superba are non-mutagenic and can induce vasodilation effects, especially on the penis.

An erection occurs when the brain registers a sexual stimulus and then orchestrates nerves to sent a signal to the penis. The nerves automatically and quickly release nitric oxide, a natural gas in the body. This gas penetrates through smooth muscle cells, caused another reaction to occurs that is cGMP.

The released of nitric oxide stimulate the muscle cells to produce a substance called the cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) which has relaxing effect on the vessels, thus enable erection to take place.

However, before erection can occur, a compound called Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE 5) is also triggered. PDE 5 breaks down the process of cGMP, reducing smooth muscle relaxation effect and blood flow to the penis, as a result of preventing erection to happen.

Unique Compund

The body recognize the disadvantage of having a permanent erection, naturally provided the PDE 5 enzyme. If the PDE 5 levels supersede those of the declining cGMP levels, the erection will return to its flaccid state.

A unique phyto compound found in butea superba, relax the smooth muscle and temporarily blocks the enzyme PDE 5. This allows cGMP to remain in high concentration while expansion in the erectile tissue enables blood to gush through. This action (by butea) maintains persistent production levels of cyclic GMP or nitric oxide.

Despite many disagreement with penis enlargement product, the inflated chambers of the corpus cavernosa or penis, filled with masses of blood become so engorged that the veins (which usually drain away blood) are pressed shut against the tough outer membrane of the erectile chambers. The result is erection and enlargement of the penis.

From the time when butea superba studies have showed main focused on blood flow to male genitals, hence, promoting normal sexual function, erectile capacity and performance.

A further display of multiple advantages to human health and confirmed benefits to enhance penile health, it was considered to be an essential factor to erectile dysfunction.