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Sexual histories recorded from prematurely ejaculating males have a consistently familiar pattern. Variations on the basic theme arc are reflected by the man’s age and, in some instances, the circumstance in which his initial sexual adventures were experienced. For the premature ejaculator now in the over 40 age group, the history of first coital experience is usually that of prostitute exposure.

In the days of the prostitution houses, prior to the advent of the call-girl era, the accepted pattern of prostitute function involved satisfying the male sexual tensions as rapidly as possible. Indeed the more rapid the customer turnover, the higher the financial return.

25 to 45 Years Ago

When the neophyte first gathered his courage to follow socio-cultural demand that he “prove his manhood,” he was subjected, often unexpectedly, to the frequent prostitute insistence that he complete the act as soon as possible. The sooner the male would mount and the faster he could ejaculate, the more pleased the prostitute.

It took only two or three such house visits (frequently just the initial visit was sufficient) to establish the young man’s commitment to self-centered expression of sexual-need with its resultant physical pattern of rapid intromission and quick ejaculation.

As the inexperienced male became conditioned to this pattern of sexual functioning, a life-time of rapid ejaculatory response might be established.

As the years passed and with them the “houses,” the young male’s first sexual opportunities with girls in his peer group frequently took place in the back seats of cars, lovers’-lane parking spots, drive-in movies, or brief visits to the by-the-hour motels.

Intercourse was established in these semi-private situations under the pressures inherent in dual concern for surprise or observation resulted in both coital and ejaculatory processes encouraged toward rapid completion. In these situations there usually is as little male concern for the female partner’s sexual release as there was for that of her professional counterpart in previous years.

Thus a pattern of rapid completion of the male sexual cycle is established by socio cultural demand, and again it only takes two or three such pressured exposures for potential conditioning of the young male to a pattern of premature ejaculation.

Teenage Sex

Yet another technique of teenage sex play encountered in the background of the premature ejaculator is frequently recorded in the histories of young men during their early years of sexual encounter.

In this situation teenagers pet extensively and then the male mounts in a male superior position, clothes relatively in place, and pantomimes intercourse without any attempt at vaginal penetration until he is stimulated to ejaculation by the friction engendered by this pseudocoital process.

This sex-play technique does preserve virginity and above all else does protect against unwanted pregnancy. Yet, young men repeatedly enjoying this form of premarital sex play are exposed to premature ejaculatory patterning, because value is given pre-eminently to accomplishing male sex-tension release as rapidly as possible with the full cooperation of the female partner.

Of course, thought seldom is given to the sex tensions that develop in these young women serving as ejaculatory release mechanisms.

Another procedure that is popular with both married and unmarried groups is the withdrawal technique during coital connection. With this approach sex play terminates in active coital connection, but the man withdraws as he reaches the stage of ejaculatory inevitability and ejaculates outside the vagina.

With this release pattern there is no necessity for the man to learn ejaculatory control.