Vitroman Formula XP

100% Free from side effects
Suitable for diabetics, high blood and heart patients!

Men are taught to be prideful and high on ego, so when a man have slight erectile problem or ED, it was hard to accept and worst to cope with it! Not much people want to talk about it. Most products emphasizing on man health are oral supplement. With research assistance, we develop the first ever supplements in topical gel.

Absolutely no side effects with external and direct application

This unique topical supplement offers penis enhancement, applied onto the penis and testis is quickly absorbed into the topical skin of the genitals. The concentrated formula applies Direct Action treatment through direct application, direct absorption and direct nutrients delivery.

Because it works directly at your penis, it does not conflict with your medications. If you are suffering from some health conditions and is on long term or prescribed medication, at the same time wants to enhance your penis functions, or simply prefer enhancement without oral intake, you could use Formula XP Gel. The concentrated formula, with the benefits of the potent herb offers no side effects at all. Here's why:

Because skin around the penis is thin, rich nutrients in every drop of formula will reach the cells in every layer via the vessels and capillaries.

Daily nourishment of Formula XP Gel could help vessels in the penis improve its elasticity and strength. The constantly stretched vessels and capillaries hence enable more blood to flow in the penis.

When large supplies of blood gush through, the vessels start to balloon. This resulted in firmer, harder and Enlargement of the penis.

The natural pde5 blocker in the formula, prevent blood flowing out of the penis meanwhile facilitating longer lasting erection.

We develop the Best solution for you.

Product Quality:

Our priority in manufacturing health product is Quality. Quality as we meant GMP processing standard, organic farming under the good agriculture practice (GAP) guideline.

As there are different cultivars, some manufacturer seeking commercial benefit uses immature and poor cultivars for their production. Hence, some cultivar fail to meet efficiency standard, are not tested. Usually, these products work on a small group of men. We select herbs that have reached its maturity. Especially, concentrated with flavonoids and flavonoids glycosides found in matured butea superba.

Together with our research consultant, we formulate the extract to external use.

Packing : 60 ml/ tube

20% Mucuna Collettii extract, PEG 40 hydrogenated castor oil, sodium metabisulfite, carbormer, deionized water, propylene glycol, fragrance, propylparaben, disodium EDTA, triethanolamine, methylparaben.

What can I experience?
  1. Increase Penis Hardness.
  2. Enhances Penis Sensitivity.
  3. Prolong Erection Time.
  4. Powerful & Controlled Ejaculation.
  5. Enlarge Your Penis through blood capillaries dilation.
  6. Improve penis health.
  7. Elevate erectile confidence.
  8. Firm attractive penis.
Vitroman Brazilian Catuaba
Packing : 500mg x 80 capsules/ bottle Buy 1: US$50.00
Usual Price: US$55.00

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Packing : 500mg x 80 capsules/ bottle
Buy 1: US$50.00
Usual Price: US$55.00

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Vitroman X-Power
Packing : 500mg x 60 capsules/ bottle Buy 1: US$50.00
Usual Price: US$55.00

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Packing : 500mg x 60 capsules/ bottle
Buy 1: US$50.00
Usual Price: US$55.00

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How to use:
Apply Formula XP onto genital area. Gently massage for 1-3 minutes or until fully absorbed. Do not rinse off after application. Use twice daily for better effect.

Results may vary from person to person.

NOTE: Before using the products, consult your doctor if you’ve health conditions, on daily medication or on medication to control illness condition. Do not use product if you have an open or raw cuts, wound, skin allergies or genital diseases. The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.