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Everyday, we receive positive feedback from all over the world. Contented girlfriends, wives, happy customer etc. verified what Vitroman can do for their man. Below are just some of the sincere comments we get from our most valued customers. Let us hear yours too!

Note: To protect the privacy of our customers, real identities are not disclosed. At any point of time, customers who share their happy results with us are not comfortable and chose not to display their successful achievement, kindly please indicate in the feedback.

Samuel, 35 years old Sales Executive

“My dad had prostate cancer 30 years ago and had to undergo an operation. He battled his illness and didn’t care what sacrifices he had to make. However, when I discovered last year that I had the same illness that he had then, he revealed to me that the operation killed off more than his illness: his sex life was over. My dad told me of this new product and encourage me to try as it worked wonders for him. I’m happy to say that after consuming Vitroman supplement, not only did I not lose my sex life, it was better than ever. Vitroman worked for my dad, it worked for me, and I’m sure it’ll work for all men out there, regardless of your age. I’m a very happy man now, thanks Vitroman!”

Zhao Han Rui, Shanghai

“About 5 years ago, my diabetes started to affect my sex life, initially my erection could not last, then eventually I could not erect at all. Needless to say all these are apparent to my wife, Joanne. One day, I finally broke down and cried; I told Joanne I could no longer fulfill the duties of a husband. After pouring out my heart to Joanne, she told me something shocking, she said she was never interested in sex! This news come like a shot through my head. I was totally depressed and gave up on my sex life, until one day a friend introduced me to Vitroman. Since then I claimed my sex life back, and my wife confessed that she has finally taken an interest in sex.”

Basil P, Turkey

“It happened when I consulted a doctor about these frequent headaches that developed, and he told me I had high blood pressure. I took his advice and started medication to control my blood pressure. What I didn’t know was the side effects of the drugs that were administered to me. I found that I had difficulty getting an erection, but I thought this was common for men approaching 50 years of age. My wife Amanda didn’t think so, and felt I should consult the doctor. He revealed that the drugs did have such a side effect, and he advised me against drugs for my condition as I had high blood pressure. Needless to say, I was crushed. I couldn’t believe that my sex life could be over just like that, and I was afraid to live out the rest of my life without sex. When I first came across Vitroman XP, I was skeptical, thinking that it was for young men, but under the insistence of my wife, I gave it a shot. I was amazed with the results! After using XP, I had no difficulty sustaining an erection, and my sex life has never felt so fulfilling. Now who said a man can’t have a sex life after 50?”


“A few years ago, when I first experienced difficulties in sustaining an erection, I was afraid and really depressed. I felt like my sex life was over, like all my energy had been taken away from me. I felt lost, confused and I didn’t know how I was going to face this reality. At the same time, I was really embarrassed to let anyone know of my condition, especially my wife. She repeatedly seduced me and initiated sex, but due to my condition, I either went all out or I insisted I was too tired to make love to her. I knew however that over time my actions will cause her to be helpless and hurt, and true enough she asked me one day if I didn’t love her anymore. I tried to convince her that the problem didn’t lie with her, and that I still loved her deeply, and revealed my condition to her. Lucky for me, I have a loving and understanding wife who stood by me in this difficult time. Vitroman was there for me too, and it not only helped me restore my sex life, it greatly enhanced it. I’ve regained my interest in sex and I now have a very healthy and active sex life. Thank you Vitroman!”

Simon, 57 years old

“I feel really grateful to a salesgirl I met in Singapore, she understood my situation and recommended me Vitroman product. I thought to myself that there was no harm in trying it out, so I bought two boxes of it. Now, the long and tiring flights are no excuse when I go home to my wife, it makes me feel like a tiger in bed, thank you Vitroman!”

Yishi, Taiwan

“In the past, sex was just that ?sex. It had neither aim nor purpose, except to satisfy a carnal urge. Needless to say, over time, it got routine, boring even. However, we start using Vitroman XP, we are rediscovering the joys and pleasure of caressing and massaging one another, and the product also made him last longer in bed, now our sex life has been given a major lift, and I feel so much closer and attached to my hubby. Thank you Vitroman?”