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Note: To protect the privacy of our customers, real identities are not disclosed. At any point of time, customers who share their happy results with us are not comfortable and chose not to display their successful achievement, kindly please indicate in the feedback.

Benjamin, 46 years old

I used to have a wonderful sex life with my wife, until recently, I discovered that I had an erectile dysfunction. I felt ashamed and embarrassed to face my wife, who felt that she too was to blame. I felt really bad, and even though we tried but we just couldn’t have sex like before. That was before I discovered Vitroman XP, it solved my problems, gave me long-lasting and hard erections, and now we are having sex regularly again. This is an amazing product, and I recommend it to men out there facing the same problem that I did. Thanks!


“My husband and I have had an active sex life for the past 30 years since marriage, but I really think we need to spice it up. We’d go through the same routine every time, and sometimes I wished we could try new things and not let the game be over so soon. I decided to buy him a new product. I came across, the Formula XP, and soon after using it, I noticed that he was harder during sex, resulting in more pleasure for both of us. We also try new positions and my sex life has never been better than now, thank you Vitroman.”

Wang, 70 years old, retiree

“I am getting on in years, and over time I lost my ability to have an erection. After using Vitroman Formula XP and Vitroman PowerPlus, I regained that ability, even having erections in the morning when I wake up. The health magazines recommended Vitroman products and gave me much confidence in myself, and I believe it will give men out there who want to enhance or revive their sex lives confidence to do so.”

Fiona, Philippines, 22 years old

“My boyfriend’s penis when erect is about 7 inches long, but during sex it is not hard enough, so I bought him Vitroman Formula XP for his birthday. On my insistence he used it, and now our sex life has improved dramatically. He was skeptical at first, but Vitroman really worked for him.”

Zhang Feng Ying, Indonesia

“I am turning 70 soon, and because of a certain Formula XP, I am still having sex with my wife, and it’s no different from our younger days. Before using Vitroman, we did try to have sex, but I didn’t have orgasms like last time. I just enjoyed the feeling of my wife caressing me, but now, I can have regular sex with my wife, thank you Vitroman!”

Lloyd, Argentina

“When I was a teenager, I used to have really hard erections, but lately I found that even though I didn’t have trouble getting an erection, it was getting softer. I felt ashamed to let my wife know, so I kept it to myself. I even saw a doctor, who told me it was normal for aging men to experience this. However, after using Vitroman Formula XP, I began to have doubts about what the doctor said, because it allowed me to have rock solid erections, like how I did in the past when I was younger. Now I am enjoying better sex with my wife and I still use XP to maintain my sex life.”