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Worried that you can’t have wild and loud sex because your stamina dropping? 

Building stamina takes time. Unfortunately, losing it happens a lot faster than you might think. If your health and fitness habits are less than optimal, your body — and your energy — might be suffering as a result. If you find yourself tiring a lot faster than you used to, you might need to work on building your stamina.

Stamina is your body’s ability to sustain extended periods of physical activity. Extended periods can refer to several days of low-intensity exercise or minutes of high intensity exertion. Unhealthy lifestyle choices decrease your endurance and resilience, making it more difficult to sustain intense activities.

Now, there’s supplement to improves your body’s overall performance!

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Vitroman X-Power

Vitroman X-Power is the ideal health supplement for men. It is the combination of all essences of traditional herbal medicine such as Long Pepper (also known as the Piper Longum L.) and Epimedium (also known as Horny Goat Weed) which are used to improve sexual dysfunction. Using 100% natural herbal formula, Vitroman X-Power is easily absorbed by the body and is most suitable for men engaged in constant vigorous exercise or experiencing increased physical activity. Daily intake of X-Power helps to boost physical energy, restore vitality, and improves body’s overall performance.

Who should use this?

For man’s athletic vigour and performance, combats poor physical stamina, improves mental alertness and restores youthful energy.


Eurycoma Longifolia(220mg), Butea Superba(120mg), Piperaceae(60mg), Epimedium Grandiflorum(40mg), Kaempferia Pandurata(20mg) and other herbs. 

Benefits :

  1. Energy booster during sexual intercourse.
  2. More waist thrusting power.
  3. Optimize sexual performance.
  4. Intense orgasm.
  5. Correct irregular erections.
  6. Improve sexual confidence.
  7. Toner muscle.