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When we look at the penis from its exterior, we see a shaft, usually called by most men. The tip of the shaft is the glans. The glans which run from the urinary bladder, in the middle through the prostate, and towards the opening (glans) allows your urine to stream out or ejaculates semen. This canal is the urethra. Together and attached to the shaft are two separate sacs called scrotum, in it are the testis or testicles whereby together with the prostate they produce and release sperm, called ejaculate.

The penis is also made up of two spongy tissues; the corpus spongiosum that laid the underside of the penis and the corpus cavernosum on the top of the corpus spongiosum, which runs parallel along the shaft. However, the corpus spongiosum has little effect on erection. The corpus cavernosum with two erectile chambers is just like a sponge, absorbs the blood onto the hallow spaces when sexually excited. Thus, the penis is expanded and engorged.

The veins outside the corpus cavernosum were compressed and do not allow the blood from flowing back, hence creating an erection. You see, erections aren’t simply something that happens in the penis. In simplified terms, it functioned from the Brain-Body-Penis.


Remember our school days when we used to compare our ‘guns’ and tease one another in the boy’s room? By now, our ‘guns’ would have outgrown already. Still, there are men not satisfied with either their size or length. Envious of the male porn stars you saw in X-rated videos and magazines or heard from your peers bragging how big their penises are etc.

But asked yourself have you actually seen it with your eyes? Not all buddy would want to and probably not you too! Well, unless you guys are discussing openly penis health! (As for me, I would only permit 3 people to my penis. They are my beloved wife who love and take care of them, my doctor for an annual checkup and last myself.)

Have you thought if it may be a graphic gimmick that you have seen on the screen or pages? Could they have gone penis enlargement surgery? But I must agree there are men naturally with longer than average penis length. So how long is long enough?

A survey found most healthy average male penis is 8 cm or longer when in a flaccid state and averagely at 12cm when erected. However, the penis size varies from person to person and it is also determined by age, height, weight (obese or too thin may affect). If you owned that length, you are adequately endowed to satisfy a woman and if your penis is 16cm (erected) long, I must congratulate you!

Men with erections in the less endowed category do not worry. A little off the length does not mean you are a man lesser or less sexual! In normal circumstances, as long as the penis can achieve an erection and perform dutifully and excellently, you are perfectly Masculine! It is important to focus on the woman’s clitoral (rubbing the penis against it) or vagina stimulation when penetrating and thrusting the penis. Do you know most women receive their orgasm from the clitoral more than vaginal wall stimulation?