When you choose VITROMAN, you're choosing direct access to high-quality genital health care products. Since 2004, we've been a trusted leader in the industry, partnering with reputable pharmacies and TCM stores. Our commitment to natural solutions means our products are safe and effective, backed by over a decade of research. From sourcing premium herbs to rigorous testing, we ensure top-notch quality and hygiene. With clear labeling and secure packaging, you can trust in our dedication to your well-being. Choose VITROMAN for a healthier tomorrow.

  • Vitroman's Certificate

    Awards & Certifications

    In 2010, Vitroman was awarded with Asia Pacific Top Golden Brand Award.

  • Vitroman Selling on Singapore Local Shop

    Partnered Shops

    Our business partners include chain pharmacy like Guardian, Unity, Mustafa, health product stores and Traditional Chinese Medicine stores.

  • Vitroman Newspaper

    Newspapers & Magazines

    Our brand is shown on the public for years and getting influences from various newspapers and magazines.


  • Jean

    My husband had always commented that my sex drive was higher than his. Homer is 67 this year, and his sex drive is getting lower by the day. However, we discovered Vitroman XP, and now whenever I caress Homer he gets all aroused and we have a normal sex life again, I feel like I'm young again!"

  • Juliana C

    Vitroman saves our marriage! For the past 2 years, we lead a dull life, all work, and no play. After we decided to give Vitroman a shot, it improved our lives tremendously. I never thought that such a product could actually change our lives.

  • Andy

    I find it hilarious when my friends told me about it. I stopped laughing after trying it. I could feel improvement around 3 days. I'm more in control and hardness last longer. My dates are enjoying it.

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