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At vitroman.com, you are purchasing direct from manufacturer. We run a serious business as our customers know that our business partners include chain pharmacy like Guardian, Unity, Mustafa, health product stores and establish Traditional Chinese Medicine stores.

Vitroman a leading G.H.C (Genital Health Care) company since 2004, warehouse and business office is located at industrial estate of western Singapore. We are a Singapore private-owned company ran by a committed team of “family members”. Spearhead by our Directors, our dynamic Sales team and efficient administrators. Over the years, the Company uphold the concept “the origins of nature and healthy living”, brings together the wisdom of many health experts and the plant chemist. Tracking the historical path of traditional remedies and constantly pursue research finding of natural essence for the interest of everyone’s health. We listen and learn from our customers and everyone; we contribute our best effort to the company taking us where we are today, strong and dynamic. This is what drives our company to excel and distinguish from others. With a successful track record of sales, feedback from satisfied clients and customer recommendations provided true testimonials to the effectiveness of the product.

We are product developers and mainly develop products made from natural source. Our business activities include import and export, sales and marketing, distributing and representing agents for international product. We also distribute our products to suppliers, wholesalers and retailers.

  • Our Focus

    We stay focus and constantly working with our customers to develop and refine formulations that help them succeed in healthier living. In so far, we have developed a unique man’s health supplement in topical gel form as well as traditional oral capsules.

  • Our Strength

    We contribute our best effort to the community taking us where we are today, strong and dynamic. This is what drives our company to excel and distinguish from others. With a successful track record of sales, feedback from happy clients and customers recommendation whom provided true testimonials to the effectiveness of our products.

  • Our Vision

    During these few years, we have established a strong foundation in Singapore health industry with its recognized product efficacy and stringent quality assurance. We want everyone to know how to maintain your own health with high-quality health supplement and yet cost effective. And by helping everyone to improve their daily health and lead happier lives longer and better is what we are most concerned about.

  • Our Mission

    We listen and learn from health advisers and our customers, we remained dedicated to discovering and developing innovative products using natural plant. Most of the plants were clinically studied for at least 10 years in research and development on health and beauty applications. 21st century is the era of the biotechnology. Thus, we focus on natural ingredient process by modern extraction technology that could retain the active components and beneficial to our body. We strive to provide the public with valuable products and to make a positive difference in both their health and in the health product industries.

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  • Product


    We care deeply about genital health, ensuring our products are made with high quality. Our success comes from our dedication to health and safety. Our products are tested in clinical trials before being approved. We carefully select the right ingredients, following strict natural standards. We ensure our customers get safe, effective health supplements for a healthy life.

  • Herb


    Our product differs from others as not all herbs contain the same levels of active constituents and grown, dried or stored in the same way. Not all herb manufacturers standards are the same and also not all methods to determine quality are the same. We are very fortunate to have healthy soils and a wonderful climate for the herb growing, climatic and soil requirements.

  • Standard Process


    In many countries, it is required that herbal products are manufactured according to the code of Good Manufacturing (GMP) compliance. Natural product processing is difficult as plants are naturally complex and the quality of a finished product can vary tremendously. There are numerous process challenges include biological and chemical variability of herbs, the influences on farming, harvesting, drying and storage, extraction and defining quality of herb.

  • Safety


    The formulas were submitted to Health Sciences Authority of Singapore before sale to users. A requirement by the health authority that product tests have to be carried out by appointed laboratory firm. Formula tests were done in ALS Technichem Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Australian Laboratory Services Pty Ltd. Microbiology, heavy metals and hormonal test were conducted.

  • Guarantee


    We pledge our product freshness on each individual packaging with lot numbers, manufacture and expiry dates. The processing environment is clean and hygiene, and formulas are manufactured with strict surveillance under the regulatory of Good Manufacturing Practice.

  • Hygiene


    Hygiene care is important for our user. That is why our products come in soft tube and sealed container bottle. All packaging are also boxed and shrink wrapped so that user's orders are not tampered with.

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