Frequent Asked Questions

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Common Questions

Can you tell me more about VITROMAN?

VITROMAN is a local brand in Singapore. Since its launch in 2004, its partners include major local drugstore chains as well as traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine stores in various districts. VITROMAN is a men's skin care product based on men's health. It can help men live a happy and beautiful life.

Why VITROMAN is known as "Rejuvenating Herb"?

Our researches have established that the herbal compound in VITROMAN, butea superba, does facilitate vasodilation of similar mechanisms as the prescribed rejuvenating herb. Research reported an increase of energy without an increase in nervous system stimulation. The herb has been used safely and traditionally with no known side effects. This ancient rejuvenating herb can be utilized as a mild and alternative male enhancement. In addition, the roots and stem of the plant are considered to help increase male performance. Thus, VITROMAN has come to be known as private care for males. Thus, it has been called the “Rejuvenating Herb”.

How does VITROMAN works?

VITROMAN potent herb content effects by increment of smooth muscles relaxation or vasodilation, and increase of blood flow to the private part also called Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP).

Fact: For men who have trouble lifting his private part on its own, it is caused by Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE 5). PDE 5 enzymes break down the cGMP. In the case of PDE 5 levels supercede the declining cGMP levels, as the private part at an upright position return to the flaccid sate. That is why holding and maintaining his private part at an upright position can be difficult for some men. The natural compound in the VITROMAN therefore effectively block out the PDE 5 enzymes, prolong manhood upright position time and better holding power.

Is there any other payment methods on VITROMAN website?

Yes, we provide other payment methods like:

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Bank Transfer
  • Others

Please check on how to buy for more information.

Will VITROMAN change my physically part?

Yes, but not exactly! Due to the constant stretching of vessels and increment of blood flow capacity, it will widen the vessels and capillaries, ballooning the private part. Hence, you will feel firmer and stronger.

Can VITROMAN increase my fertility?

Unfortunately no! VITROMAN is neither a child bearing assistant nor a fertility enhancer product. VITROMAN only empower you with blood flow increment to the private area and support your athletic performance.

Who is suitable to use VITROMAN?

Any healthy adult male (20s, 30s and even 70s), any male who desire better pleasure and more excitement, needs some help in sustaining and maintaining an upright position may use VITROMAN. And also, for any man who wants to increase or maintain his vigour performance, and promote adulthood health. VITROMAN has become a lifestyle product to most of our customers’ daily life.

I am a party 20 something and lead an active social life. Does the formula works for me?

Definitely! Age is on your side. Your absorption rate is faster and you feel the effect earlier and better. Young user like you can expect to achieve massive blood flow and lasting effect!

Senior users easily can expect their parts to gain more responsive effect, fuller and harder. Especially and frequent early morning wake-up call!

How soon can I see the result?

Averagely, users in their 20s can feel the effects within 7 days, users in their late 30s to 70s even 80s will feel the effect around 10 days or more. Please allow yourself enough time for the formula to work as the constant expansion of vessels and capillaries; increase blood flow to the private part will take place. As everyone’s health and body differs individually, your effects and experiences may vary.

Do I need to continue with VITROMAN after a period of time?

If you received pleasing results, we recommend maintaining; use the formula once a day or a few applications weekly. Maintenance is necessary as you might need that extra “boost” and allow continuous nutrients at the private part area. If you missed an application occasionally it should not interfere with your progress. However, if you stop using VITROMAN completely, naturally the nutrients in your body and private area will gradually wear away and so do some of the gains you have achieved. This depends on each individual.

Just like a car, you can park aside and don’t drive it but you still need to run the engine. In case you need it, the engine won’t fail you.

Will I continue to gain results and is my result permanent?

Any firm claiming that your private area size will continue to grow forever should be caution of. You know our body has a limit. With regular use, the private part will get used to the constant increment in blood flow, hence creating a “permanent” result. Maintenance is the way to keep those results permanently.

Do I need to wash off (After applying Vitroman Formula XP)?

Another benefit of FORMULA XP is; it can act as a lubricant! A few of our users caring partners helped with the application and massaging find this soothing and honey tinted formula arousing. Some find it useful almost instantly for them! This is rare but it happens in a few. However, refrain from oral contact.

Is there any side effect for Vitroman PowerPlus?

Unlike other synthetic male enhancement pill, POWERPLUS is a natural male enhancement pill. The ingredients used are herbal hence no known side effects have been found in this daily supplement. Simply, just drink more water. This is normal as you are taking supplement from concentrated extract of herbs.

Is Vitroman PowerPlus similar to other enhancement pill?

VITROMAN POWERPLUS is completely different. Its main focus is enhancing blood flow and restoring male function. A 100% natural male enhancement, the private part will start to expand and enlarge especially when the vessels and capillaries are dilated.

How can you benefit from Vitroman PowerPlus?

Consume Vitroman PowerPlus helps to improve the blood circulations in the body and private area. This oral enhancement, slowly help you to regain and become more active again. To speed up the effect, one can consume VITROMAN POWERPLUS and at the same time apply VITROMAN FORMULA XP.

Can I consume Vitroman PowerPlus for 6 months?

You may take Vitroman PowerPlus for 6 month to a year and more! The all natural and herbal supplement that enhances your manly image, boost your confidence and support your daily stamina. It is ok to let your body take a break once awhile; it shouldn’t affect your overall success achieved. But if you stop totally, the supplement in your body will slowly erode away. Our body metabolism is working every hour every day. Again, we recommend maintenance. It is the basic thing towards good health yet the most important in our daily life. Good health let you will feel more youthful and energetic.

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